Who we are

We are a private Czech-English primary school that offers an individualistic approach towards our students. When working with children we respect their different personalities, capabilities and needs.

We teach according to our own Magic Hill curriculum – ”The world of the pupil” adapted for the concept of English teaching starting as early as the first grade.

As a school, we have been consistently evaluated positively by the Czech School Inspection Board. Additionally, the results of our students in comparative tests and international language examinations have been excellent.

The number of pupils in each class is fourteen at the most, which enables us to adjust lessons towards the individual needs of the children.

English is not only an integral part of our curriculum, but also the life of our school. Our Czech and English teachers cooperate side by side creating a natural bilingual environment that the children easily adjust to.

The environment of the school is open and encouraging; pupils are motivated and encouraged to learn. We incorporate modern methods of learning, using methods of “
Reading and writing for critical thinking”.

Our aim is for children to enjoy learning and feel safe at school, and for them to look forward to school every day. The first years of school attendance are thus not a time of stress for our pupils, but a time of joy with a daily feeling of accomplishment. They leave our school with a positive feeling towards education.
Upon completion of the 5th grade, our pupils successfully continue to a multi-year secondary education or the secondary level of primary school.  We cooperate with select schools and recommend an appropriate placement individually according to the capabilities and needs of each pupil. We also prepare pupils for sitting entrance examinations according to the demands of schools. Furthermore, throughout this process, we are in contact with special educators, psychologists and experts from the
educational-psychological advisory centre, who help to inform our decision when choosing a school.