Conception of the school and the school curriculum

The curriculum  of our school is based on the General educational program for primary education – GEP (with changes made on 1. 9. 2005). Additionally, the school is centered on the teaching of English language with lessons starting from the first grade all the while within a setting where English is used all day, everyday (we offer parallel lessons of selected subjects in English, English as a subject and selected activities in English).  Furthermore, we incorporate additional programs in our school curriculum – artistic projects and tours of galleries, visits to exhibitions, theatres and museums, and school nature trips that help to enforce friendship, language, and adventure. We use the methods and rules of Reading and Writing for critical thinking as our departure point and utilize modern and varied methods of instruction and communication with pupils – project orientated lessons, problem solving, active discussions, personal presentations, and group involvement. We evaluate pupils verbally; at the same time, we lead them towards evaluating their own work and setting their own goals individually. The children create their own portfolio during their education at our school – a file of work documenting their progress and the results of their work.

English is not only taught, but a natural setting at our school.  English is used all day and our native English teachers serve as a beacon for language acquisition throughout the school year. In this way, students gain knowledge not only through instruction, but also through ordinary situations and conversation with their teachers. They gain an open-minded attitude toward foreign culture and language.  In turn, English becomes natural for them and they gradually attain the ability to communicate bilingually and surpass mere translation. As a result of this process, our students receive excellent results from their international examinations.