Why go to Magic Hill?

We offer a highly individual approach to pupils of the first level with a concerned focus on their potential for further studies.

We develop our know-how  cooperating with Magic Hill pre-school , with orientation towards children of pre-school and younger schooling age. We thoroughly and expertly focus on the education of precisely this age group. Our tutors also educate themselves further in this direction; indeed, our strong point is an expertly competent and stable educational team.

Below our questions that we take great care to answer and resolve.  Please feel free to express your own concerns or ask any such questions of us at Magic Hill.  We will be happy to work through these situations and explain our school philosophy personally with you.


Are you asking yourself any of the following questions:

  • Will the school be able to devote itself to the concrete needs of my child?
  • Will there be such an amount of pupils and atmosphere in the class that my child will achieve results at the level of his potential?
  • Will my child look forward to going to school? Won’t he/she be afraid of school, grades or teachers?
  • Are the collective of children and the general atmosphere of the school such that my child will not encounter the superiority of others or even bullying at the hands of fellow pupils?
  • Will the school be open to the needs of parents; does the school communicate enough with the parents of the pupils?
  • What is the educational team of the school like? Does the content and average age of the group correspond to today’s demands of schooling?  Are teachers who really enjoy their work employed there?
  • Is it a school which progresses constantly and devotes its attention to modern trends in education?
  • Won’t the child have problems when transferring to another primary school or transferring to the second level?


We will gladly answer any further questions on our contact telephone numbers or e-mail addresses, or we will be pleased to welcome you to a personal visit to our school.